Meet the Maker

Oh hey... I'm Kerry

soap and scent creator • psychologist • coffee enthusiast

Did I mention I love my showers? A lot.

You could say the bathroom is like my own little oasis… see what I did there? but it’s true.  For a lot of women, a relaxing hot shower at the end (or start – I don’t judge) of a long hard day is just what the doctor (and psychologist) ordered.

Between suffering from sensitive skin throughout my life and trying to find products that didn't irritate my son's eczema, the decision to divert from using toxic chemicals on our skin and in the home was practically made for us. It was a struggle to find products we enjoyed using which didn't cause a reaction and didn't cost and arm and a leg.

The search for beautiful handmade soaps that smelt good, looked good, and didn’t dry my skin out to an inch of its life was on, and it quickly became unsuccessful. The soaps I found were either glaringly bright or unappealing colours (*facepalm* - not relaxing at all!), or plain oaty white squares you can only find at health food shops ($$$!), none of which was appealed to me. Was there some middle ground?

Because who wants to use plain, boring and mass-produced soap and body wash for the rest of their life? *eye roll* NOT ME! Okay.. so maybe the mission wasn’t that simple, but after years (yes… YEARS!) of trying and testing and sharing with friends and family (who kept coming back for more), I perfected the recipe.  Yep, I’m owning it. With the use of high quality ingredients and luxurious oils and plant-based milks, even the serial soap sceptics converted to handmade soap after experiencing the difference.  How could they not?!

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